17 May 2011

Suicide or Survive

Suicide or Survive is an Irish charity. One of the girls emailed the founder of the charity and bought these gifts from them (the charity), and gave them to whoever helped her the most throughout the year.....her nearest and dearest friends as it were.

These gifts are 'Lifes Little Emergency Kit', and it's the sweetest thing.
It's a little bag with a card attached, which reads:

An elastic band, to stretch yourself to your limit
Marbels, in case you lose your own
A coin so that you are never broke
String, to keep things together if they fall apart
An eraser, to wipe away any mistakes
A Rose, to remind you that someone

*Those in italics are the contents of the bag.

It such a lovely gesture to give this, and I feel somewhat special to have been one of the few to receive this from her. It's the kind of thing that I will treasure forever.

On another note, food is going pretty well. Have a chest infection and the glands in my throat are swelling up, most likely it's down to stress of exams. It's next to impossible to eat though, which is absolutely amazing!! Havn't had as much time for exercise as I'd like to, and the college gym has weird hours now that exams have started (exams in sportshall below gym). It's a pity, but I try and do as much as I can in my room, but I miss all the variety I can get in the gym. Circuits in a cramped little college bedroom is no good. But alas it's all I have to work with.

Can't wait until finals are over and I'm home for the summer...and get the see the boy again. It's been too long, and the fact that he's going to Canada for half the summer is doing me no good. I will have to throw myself into exercise the fill up the gaps in my day.

I think I'll cut down on the amount I work too. I have absolutely no intention of spending my summer working for people who don't appreciate me. The original plan was to quit at the end of summer, but I'm not thinking the end of July. Why stay in a place that drains me of everything I'm worth, and is no good to me in the long run. It has absolutely nothing got to do with what I hope to achieve in the future. The place, and most of the workers there are poison. The sooner I'm out of there the better.

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