18 May 2011

Inches since Sunday!!

Don't have a scales in college, which I will need to sort out for next semester (note to self). I measured Sunday night, and remeasured this morning. The inch loss is as follows:

Left thigh: 1.5
Right thigh: 1
Waist: 2
Ass: 1

I think this is pretty impressive in just 4 days, lets hope I can keep in up, and that I havn't just jinxed myself in the process. F**k it, I won't let myself jinx it. What I'm doing is clearly working, so I just need to increase the intensity of my workout now. I have nothing standing in my way only myself. I'm itching for a weight in, but I literally can't. This is also going to keep me motivated to loose as much as I possibly can before the end of the month; weigh-in time.

Thigh-Gap Thinspo

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