04 May 2011

Day One

First day of the SGD went pretty damn well yesterday. Fasted until 2.30, ate a banana and a square of chocolate. Dinner (at 5) was some pita bread with lettuce, 3 cherry tomatoes and 3 strips of pepper.

So the breakdown of cals is:
Banana: 90 cals
Chocolate: 35cals
Pita Bread: 76 cals
Pepper: 1.5
Cherry Tomatoes: 1.5
Lettuce: 1

Net Cal: 205, out of a possible 400 :D

Did the Wilton Walk during my study break. Was going to go to the gym with S after dinner, but I'd promised C Sunday that I'd go for a walk with her....and of course she changed her mind last minute. Typical. So ended up going for a walk on my own, which was find because C would only slow me down. Going to hit the gym for about 2 hours if not more later after my meeting with CB. Going to give it everything I have because I didn't make it in yesterday. I'll also have a better idea of how many calories I'm burning at the gym too. It's going to be a good day

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