29 June 2011

Bring on Friday!

So I've decided to start the Skinny Girl Diet on Friday.  What with it being the 1st of July and everything, I figure it will be the ideal time to start.   I'll be taking measurements first thing Friday morning, and will be posting the results when I'm finished.  I'm not sure exactly how much I'm hoping to loose, or how many inches.  If it's pretty successful, then it will become a regular thing.  I've spent my day working out my daily exercise plans, and I'm getting excited already for the days when I will be in negative calories : )

I'm going to use tomorrow as a prep day for the diet...  May fast altogether, but I'm not fully sure.  Either that or limit at 500 calories.  I'll be working tomorrow evening, and it's stock-take day so I'll be there almost all night!  Oh the joys.... The only plus side is that I won't be eating, and only drinking peppermint tea or water.

23 June 2011

June 23

Today wasn't so bad.....could have been better, much better. I'm just happy there was no crazy binges. I did over-eat however, damn bread. I actually forgot how high calorie it is. I don't know what I was thinking. I must admit I had a bit of a 'Scott Pilgrim' moment:

So I hit the gym tonight, with the sole purpose of burning off the calories I gained from eating all that bread today. I was under pressure though because mother was collecting me from the gym & then picking my sister up from training. I told her I wanted to be picked up after my sister, but no. 40 fricken calories more and I'd have burned it all off. I'm so mad with myself for not getting those last calories. I clearly didn't work hard enough.

Not going to be making that mistake again. All I can say is: It was nice knowing you. So long, farewell, and good luck !!

22 June 2011

Where have I been??

It's been a long while. Got exam results today, and I'm so so disappointed with myself over them. It's not good enough, they should have been so much better than they were. Just another failure to add to my life's list. At least I didn't actually fail anything though; I don't know what I'd do with myself if I did. I'm gonna have to get my ass in gear come September. I averaged a 2.2. Like wtf is that! What's worse is it was the lower end of 2.2 and I need to get a 1.1 or at least a 2.1.

Why am I such a failure? At literally everything I do.
It all comes crashing down around me.

Weight wise.......yet again a failure, nothing new there. There's been a lot of drama since college finished, the less said about it the better....but ya, life sucks. The past month has been a series of binges followed by restrictions....with the end result of maintaining weight. Luckily!

I'm done with that though, I'm too far behind to be able to afford food.
Tomorrow's a new start and a new day. Gonna get the ball rolling, got to get the ball rolling. Gonna hit the gym tomorrow, so I will require some food so I'll have the energy to go as hard and as fast as I can. Made the fuck up last week of not eating one of the days I went and I couldn't do as much as I'd planned, which totally sucked.
Lesson learned.