29 June 2011

Bring on Friday!

So I've decided to start the Skinny Girl Diet on Friday.  What with it being the 1st of July and everything, I figure it will be the ideal time to start.   I'll be taking measurements first thing Friday morning, and will be posting the results when I'm finished.  I'm not sure exactly how much I'm hoping to loose, or how many inches.  If it's pretty successful, then it will become a regular thing.  I've spent my day working out my daily exercise plans, and I'm getting excited already for the days when I will be in negative calories : )

I'm going to use tomorrow as a prep day for the diet...  May fast altogether, but I'm not fully sure.  Either that or limit at 500 calories.  I'll be working tomorrow evening, and it's stock-take day so I'll be there almost all night!  Oh the joys.... The only plus side is that I won't be eating, and only drinking peppermint tea or water.

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