01 July 2011

SGD Day 1

Started the SGD today, and it's gone pretty well so far : )  It 3pm and I've had 1 soy yogurt (91cals) and an apple (90 cals).  A grand total of 181 cals!!  Dinner's going to be a little veggie stir-fry or a salad, havn't quite decided yet.  I might skip it altogether though, I don't really feel the need for dinner today.

I have been drinking a lot more water and herbal tea than I normally would everyday, and that's clearly what's curbing my appetite...  love it!  With the way things are going so far, I should be well under the 400 cal allowance today.  I'm not going to let myself go over target for even a single day this time.  I've tried this diet before and I went over a few days.  I can't let it happen again.
The daily limits are there for a reason, and I can't let myself forget that this time.
They are my goals for the next 30 days, and  I must reach my goals everyday, I have to.


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