02 July 2011

SGD Day 2

So here's the break-down, short and sweet:

Skipped breakfast  
Lunch:  Soy yogurt (90 calories) a small apple (60 calories)  
Dinner:  Stir-fry: 1/4 bell pepper (5 calories), 3 mushrooms (60 calories) and a handfull of onions (10 calories)

Calorie Limit: 300
Total Calorie Intake:  225
Calories Spared: 75

It's 5pm and I must admit I'm feeling kinda tired, and that I should probably eat something for a bit of energy, but I won't.  We were busy at work today, and that's why I'm tired.  If I really need to, I'll just go for a nap later.  I'm leaving my intake at 225, I don't want to reach 300 today

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