07 July 2011

Ok so it's day 7 of the SGD....I must admit though, I failed on Tuesday (day 5).  I've decided to make Tuesday my day for swimming, and I want to go for at least and hour, and 450 simply isn't enough for me :(  It's an epic fail because I swore to myself at the start of it that I wouldn't go above the allowance on any given day.  Boy was I niave!  I had 600cals on Tuesday, and it seemed to be just enough.  I think I'll try and hold off on eating for as long as I can next week, at least it will stop me eating as much...I hope.

Other than that, it's gone pretty well.  I've really stepped up the whole fitness side of things, have my daily circuits, step aerobics Mondays, swimming Tuesdays, and weights in the gym on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I'm beginning to notice the change in my body too.  My muscles are getting leaner, and I'm beginning to carry myself better as my confidence is growing.  I just can't help wonder how long this will last....the confidence I mean.

I havn't weighed in the past week; it's so hard not to!  But I'm going to try and stick to the plan and not weigh myself until the end of the month.  I have been measuring though, and those numbers have been getting smaller, so the number on the scales will have to be dropping too, it has to!

02 July 2011

SGD Day 2

So here's the break-down, short and sweet:

Skipped breakfast  
Lunch:  Soy yogurt (90 calories) a small apple (60 calories)  
Dinner:  Stir-fry: 1/4 bell pepper (5 calories), 3 mushrooms (60 calories) and a handfull of onions (10 calories)

Calorie Limit: 300
Total Calorie Intake:  225
Calories Spared: 75

It's 5pm and I must admit I'm feeling kinda tired, and that I should probably eat something for a bit of energy, but I won't.  We were busy at work today, and that's why I'm tired.  If I really need to, I'll just go for a nap later.  I'm leaving my intake at 225, I don't want to reach 300 today

01 July 2011

Super Size ~VS~ Super Skinny

I love this show, I really do.  What inspiration.  The episode I was watching tonight was about a 21+ stone woman and an 8.5 stone guy.  This girl ate a whopping 4,000 calories per day!!  It makes me so angry and disgusted when people do this to themselves.  I mean, is there any justification in it??

I want to be as strong as the supper skinny guys & girls.  I want to prove to myself that I too have that inner strength and will power.  There's a girls in my home town that's lost so so much weight since she started college back in September.  I swear the entire town is talking about her, and people have said nasty things to her mom about her, that she needs help and all that jazz...  But her clueless mom thinks N looks great and that she doesn't need to gain any weight.  God how I wish she was my mother!  N is my new thinspo, but she doesn't top my work pal who weighs 96 lbs.  Both these girls are just truely amazing, and I am just so lucky that I have these two real-life thinspo living in such close proximity to me.

When I first typed up this entry, it turned into more of a rant about bad parents and the effects they have on their kids, but how the kids need to break this cycle....but I don't want to post all that now, so I'll do it another time....soon.

SGD Day 1

Started the SGD today, and it's gone pretty well so far : )  It 3pm and I've had 1 soy yogurt (91cals) and an apple (90 cals).  A grand total of 181 cals!!  Dinner's going to be a little veggie stir-fry or a salad, havn't quite decided yet.  I might skip it altogether though, I don't really feel the need for dinner today.

I have been drinking a lot more water and herbal tea than I normally would everyday, and that's clearly what's curbing my appetite...  love it!  With the way things are going so far, I should be well under the 400 cal allowance today.  I'm not going to let myself go over target for even a single day this time.  I've tried this diet before and I went over a few days.  I can't let it happen again.
The daily limits are there for a reason, and I can't let myself forget that this time.
They are my goals for the next 30 days, and  I must reach my goals everyday, I have to.