15 May 2011

It's been a while

So it's been a while since I last updated...not that it matters much really. I've been over-whelmed with college the past couple of weeks. And come May 25th it's officially summer!

My first exam isn't until Thursday, thankfully. I was just on the library website checking if some books I need for study are still available when I get a text message from a girl in my class looking to know what I'm studying for the exam. Excuse me Ms. O'B, of I'm not mistaken, you were in all the same lecture's as I was....therefore you have all the same notes as I do so don't be starting with this bull of 'oh I don't know what's coming up and I need your help', WHATEVER!! It's the same shit as begging me to download skype for you so you can talk to your ex in Oz, who, according to all the stories you've told me, has been harassing you since before he left, wanting to get back together. You say your not interested in him, and that you've cut all ties.........ya, sure you have. Wonder what the current guy would think about that?

Anyway, now that that's off my chest, the important stuff to blog about.

Weighed in yesterday after a few weeks of avoiding it. I knew I gained because of sheer laziness and gluttony...a whopping 4kgs/8lbs. Disgusting right? My only saving grace is that I won't be going home until the end of the month, so I can fast at the weekend...and with exams coming up I quite simply can't afford the time to pig out! My time shall be spent studying, working out and sleeping. I won't even be celebrating my 21st this Friday because I'm just too fat, can't fit into the dress I was going to wear as well as I'd like to, so party's off. Nobody cares really, which is a slap in the face on one hand, but on the other it saves me the humiliation for the entire night, and the life long pictures that would haunt me forever more.

Bumped into Kar B on Wednesday morning college. We had a good catch up, about an hour. It cleared up a lot of things I'd heard from AK, and Kar's side of things make way more sense. I can't believe I ever bought her BS stories, and everything about GF really takes the biscuit. She's unreal, and also looking to live with me next year, I sorry, but I'd simply crack up, and gain a tonne cuz that girl is no good for the waist line what-so-ever.

Ugh, this blog is all over the place. What can I say, my mind's all over the place.

Need to stay focused on one simple little thing though:

Think Thin!

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