25 November 2011

So now what?

I didn't want things to be weird between me and the boy, and I hadn't heard from him since the last time he was over.  I text him Monday night to see if he could meet up sometime over the week, just to make sure there wasn't any bullshit awkwardness between us.  We arranged to meet up for lunch on Wednesday...  he had a lot of college work to do, so he couldn't take the time for lunch, which was fair enough....but he mailed me on facebook instead of texting me.  Only for the fact that I was checking my email would I have known...I mean seriously, how hard is it to send a text?  I don't know, i don't know if he's just avoiding me now or what the story is.  As far as I'm concerned (as of right now at least), he's got to be the one to make the next move.  I don't want to be seen to be chasing him all over the place, and it'll do no good for sorting things out.

Foodwise, things have just gone downhill.  Not extremely downhill, but I've bought junkfood...so i'm freaked about it.  I can't bring myself to throw it away, and I'm not bingeing on it...so I guess it's not as bad it it could be, but still.

I feel like by body is turning to jelly.  I hate this feeling.  I should have gone to the gym after class today, I don't even know why I didn't....I guess I'm just a fat-ass lazy fuck

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