06 November 2011

Nov 6 - 1.50 pm

I've been up for the past 3 hours, reading blogs and arsing around on facebook and what-not.  The guy I'm living with was up before me, his blaring of the TV in his room woke me up...good morning X-Factor!  Anyway, he's making breakfast now, a good ole fry.  It's disgusting!  The smell is wafting it's way from the kitchen into my room, and I feel like I'm gonna throw up.  I'd nearly purge but I know there's nothing inside to come out, which I'm happy about, I must say.

After I've exhausted all possibilities online, I'll go for a shower, wash my hair, shave my legs etc., then clean my room.  By that time it should be nearly 5 o'clock or after.  I might allow myself a bowl of porridge (with water of course) for 'breakfast'.  C might be here by that time too, so we may go grocery shopping.  And I will put money on the fact that she will stop in a Abra for her dirty kabab for dinner.  I on the other hand, will remain in the car; no shit food for M today...or the month for that matter.

There was no real purpose for this post, just to rant about that fat bastard that I'm living with.  Ew!
Will post later with thinspo

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