08 November 2011

Nov 7

Today was a good day.

Woke up late for college so I had the excuse for my flat-mate as to why I wasn't eating breakfast (like I would have anyway!)  One of our classes was canceled so I had a two hour gap/lunch, went to Sarah's for tea and a chat...(she ate biscuits).  S was pestering me to go to the gym with her straight after last class.  I don't fancy going at that time too often, especially on Mondays, because it's always so crowded.  Had planned on going later on this evening but I said I'd go with her just to satisfy her and get her off my back.  450 cals burned on the cross-trainer (30mins), then some weights for the last half hour.  One reason I hate going to the gym with people is that they never seem to have the stamina or motivation to keep going as long as I'd like to be there.

I was only home about 15 mins when C told me she would be going into the library to study, and I joined her so I wouldn't be around food or anything & my fast would be that much easier.  I like the feeling of an empty stomach, I really do.  It's like it gives me the hunger to keep going with fasting rather than the hunger to eat...if that makes any sense to anyone.

I'm hoping I'll wake early enough in the morning so I can hit the gym before class (don't start 'til 11am), if not I'll go if the evening...might try and drag C along too, I really feel like I should help her loose some weight.  I don't like being around all her unhealthy habits; I guess I'm afraid they will rub off on me eventually.

So I'm joining a fast with one of the other bloggers; starting from midnight (10mins) we are fasting until Saturday/Sunday.  I have DOS's 21st on Friday though, so I'll have to fast for an extra few days for make up for all the calories I'll be consuming through alcohol.  However, I will get drunk so much faster so you'd never know, maybe I won't be drinking that much at all....

It's really starting to frustrate me that I don't have a scales in my college apartment, and I havn't been home in about two months so I really have no idea what I'm weighing in at these days, although I can feel and see it in myself that I have lost.  At least that's something :)  I know I could weigh in at the gym, but the scales are in the gym instructors office.  I know they have an open-door policy and all that so you can just walk in and use it, and they're really nice and stuff too....but I know the main instructor, I have for the past three years and he's forever lecturing me on my diet and working out too hard (as if there's such a thing, and like he's one to talk).

Em...so ya, I feel like I'm totally rambling now so I'll finish up there


                                              love microdermals!





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