01 February 2012

one of the girls in my class commented on my weight loss yesterday, which was nice in a way.  I didn't think anybody would have noticed because I can't see it when I look in the mirror (there's just so much fat hanging on). Thinking back on it though, I'm not so sure she was being genuine.
I went on a 'roadtrip' yesterday night with the same girl and her housemate.  They decided to go to a chipper/fast food place for dinner.  I didn't want anything, for obvious enough reasons.  I told them I'd already ate before I met them and didn't want to eat again so soon after the last meal....and of course the whole discussion of why I don't like to eat and all the rest of it was started.
I'm just so tired of the same BS over and over again.
Clearly I'm not doing as well with the whole cover-up thing as I thought....but then again people only seem to make a fuss when I refuse to eat the same shit dripping in fat&grease food that they do.

The results from last semester came out, and surprise surprise I failed one of my modules.  By 2%!  It's sickening, absolutely sickening.  I think I'm going to appeal it, I mean, it is 2%, plus I don't want the hassle of a repeat in August ruining my summer in the US.  I binged at breakfast as a result, but I'm going to hit the gym after college for 2hours+.  Going to do my normal workout, and then add an extra 500cals to burn onto it.  That should cover it.  The scales have been going down, slowly, but they're still going down.  I don't want to see a gain, I really don't.  I also need to work out extra hard for a few weeks actually (which has only just dawned on me).  All those extra calories I took in while I was in the Netherlands last week need to be gotten rid of.  Stupid alochol

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