05 January 2013

Jan 5th

I had my last exam for this semester today.  I wish I could say with confidence that I did well in it, or even to have that slight feeling that I may have, but no.  I think it's a given that I've failed (just something else).

I'm so happy right now to be finished up for the next 3 weeks.  I called work after my exam to see what hours I am working this week.  I'm only on 3 nights, so it's giving me loads of time to go to the gym (once it opens again on Monday).  On the days that I'm working I'll go in the morning, because it will take me half the day to get ready and get there on time.

One thing I don't understand about working in a call center, or maybe it's just the one I work for, is why I have to dress up for it.  Business during the week and Business Casual at the weekends.  It's not like I'm going to any meetings or meeting clients or anything.  I'm answering phone calls, and being fucked out of it by majority of the customers.  Um hello, I'm here to help you, so please stop giving out.  I'm not the one who caused your problem, I'm just some girl sitting behind a computer.

I have just one month left in my contract, and I can't wait until it's finished!  This sedentary lifestyle just isn't for me, but considering my qualification as a Personal Trainer, that's hardly surprising.  I need to spend as much of this month  as I can investing in my body.  My house mate Sarah won't be here, so I won't surrounded by her full-of-fat diet, and won't be forced into getting the bi-weekly Chinese fast food either.  This semester, I'm going to spend my days studying or else in the gym until college closes (10pm).  It's not such a big deal because it's just Monday - Thursdays, and on my 'nights off' I'll go see what few friends I have left...  I'll try and figure out what friends I have left.  Top of the list is salvaging what's left between me and the boy.  I know I'm thinking the worst, but I just figure it's better to prepare myself for the heartbreak when he's not around rather than letting him see how much it's destroying me inside.

I love this girl.
She's beautiful, smart (literally top grade student), has almost too many friends to count, and is skinny too (obviously).

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